Wild China

Wild China

Into the heart of the incredible and little-known biodiversity of China

China is a land that seems far away, almost inaccessible. It belongs to the very small group of countries considered the richest in biological diversity, known as “megadiverse”: China alone hosts 1/8 of the planet’s terrestrial species. The series offers a journey across the seasons, through a great diversity of grandiose landscapes, rich with unique and emblematic species from China’s wilderness.

In order to reflect the incredible extent of China’s biodiversity and the different environments that can be found there, the series will be divided into 4 episodes, each focusing on one type of biotope: temperate mountain ranges, highlands and arid steppes, plains and continental forests and finally subtropical forests.
Each episode will explore the wild endemic species that live and reproduce in these environments. Because the extreme diversity of wildlife present on its territory remains for the most part largely unknown. Thanks to the creation of protected natural areas, rare species have been preserved such as the Giant Panda, the Manchurian Tiger or the Red-crowned Crane.


Partner(s) : BKM

Broadcaster(s) : ARTE

Director(s) : Franck Decluzet

Author(s) : Franck Decluzet

Year : 2021-2022

Duration : 4x52' minutes

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