Who wants to take down Airbus ?

Who wants to take down Airbus ?

An unprecedented investigation in the heart of the turbulent Airbus case

Terrible tremor in the Airbus sky.
Already weakened by several anti-corruption investigations and targeted by industrial espionage, the European aeronautics giant has just been the subject of a legal proceeding issued by the American Department of Justice. The company is facing a staggering fine of several billion dollars or, ultimately, a sentence in criminal court.

During this investigation, we discover how heavyweights in European industry have become the target of unprecedented procedures and sanctions, and how the extraterritoriality of American law and intelligence have become the weapons of an American economy at war, aiming at weakening its rivals.

Expected delivery: Winter 2021

Partner(s) : ARTE France, ARTE Geie, NDR

Director(s) : David Gendreau et Alexandre Leraître

Author(s) : David Gendreau et Alexandre Leraître

Year : Expected delivery: Autumn 2022

Duration : 90' & 52' - 4K minutes