The secret life of the Andean Bear

The secret life of the Andean Bear

The only existing documentary about this discreet bear!
The bear who inspired Paddington 

Shot over a whole year, discover unseen images of a rare and discreet bear: the Spectacled Bear. The only bear species on the South American continent.
This surprising bear is highly agile despite his impressive stature – he weighs up to 175kg and can measure up to 2 meters high – but he nests and raises his cubs in the high branches of trees, he climbs and jumps through the canopy and he can travel thousands of kilometers through landscapes of immense beauty to find food and to reproduce.
The Spectacled Bear is little known, he is one of the world’s rarest and most threatened bear and the last representative of the short-faced bear species. Fortunately, several local scientists are working to preserve his environment and ensure the survival of his species.


Partner(s) : ARTE, USHUAÏA TV, Cabalà, Toisan Films

Broadcaster(s) : ARTE, USHUAÏA TV

Director(s) : Philippe Molins

Author(s) : Philippe Molins

Year : 2020

Duration : 4K - 52' & 43' minutes

Festival(s) :

  • World Premiere @ Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, NYC: award for the Best Endangered Species Film
  • Nature Without Borders International Film Festival - Delaware, USA: Best of Show award & Outstanding Cinematography
  • Santiago Wild Festival - Chile : Finalist
  • Festival du Film Vert - Lausanne
  • Winner - Tulum World Environment Film Festival