The Great Way

The Great Way

A round-the-world trip through the people on the trails

This documentary series travels the world´s greatest hiking routes to find stories that reveal the reasons for the walking nature of the human being.

Alba and Raul get their backpacks ready and start their journey around the world greatest walking trails, a journey that will take them from Japan to Peru, passing through the United States and also making the Santiago Way, looking for hikers and pilgrims of all kinds of routes: natural, spiritual and cultural.
They will find as many stories and reasons for walking as people, and will share with them experiences and suffering, bringing them closer to the spectators, discovering the hidden universes within the different paths of the world.
But they will not only share experiences with travelers. In their journey of discovery, they will learn about the social issues and injustices of each country, sharing concerns with locals whose destiny is bounded to the trails. Our protagonists will realize that, in the end, all paths are just a bridge to discover new places, people and cultures, as well as ourselves, and that the fact that borders cannot contain the walking nature of human beings.

1. Pacific Crest Trail, USA
We are travelling to California to start one of the longest and most impressive hiking routes in the world: the Pacific Crest Trail. A path that crosses the United States along the peaks of the West Coast from Canada to Mexico. A real challenge only suitable for experienced hikers.
2. Inca Trail, Peru
This episode takes us to Peru, South America, to reach by foot one of the seven wonders of the world: MACHU PICCHU. The Inca Trail is a route that the Incas have kept secret for centuries and is now rescued to reach Machu Pichu on foot through the Andean subtropical forest on an unforgettable journey.
3. Kumano Kodo Route, Japan
We travel to the Far East to discover the Kumano Kodo, an ancient pilgrimage through the sacred mountains and temples of Kumano on the Kii Peninsula, which take us to ancient and rural Japan on a spiritual path of purification.
4. Way Of St. James, Spain
The Way of St. James is the most important pilgrimage route in Europe. Millions of people have traveled it for centuries to walk to Santiago de Compostela and Finisterre (End of the Earth) in Spain.


Director(s) : Raul Garcia & Alba Prol

Year : 2021

Duration : 4x52' & 1x90' - 4K minutes

Festival(s) :

  1. NYCA - New York Cinematography Awards (New York, USA) - WINNER: BEST NATURE/TRAVEL FILM
  1. Toronto Beaches Film Festival (Toronto, Canada) - WINNER: BEST DOCUMENTARY
  1. Deauville Film Awards (Berlin, Gemany) - WINNER: Golden Award in BEST TRANSPORT AND ECO-MOBILITY FILM
  1. SILAFEST - Silver Lake Tourism and Environmental Film Festival (Silver Lake, Serbia)- WINNER: BEST DOCUMENTARY
  1. SILAFEST - Silver Lake Tourism and Environmental Film Festival (Silver Lake, Serbia) - WINNER: BEST SCREENPLAY
  1. FESTIVER - Festival de Cine Verde de Barichara (Barichara, Colombia) - WINNER: BEST DEBUT FILM.
  1. International Tourism Films Festival, Cappadocia (Turkey) - WINNER: BEST DOCUMENTARY
  1. Mabig Film Festival (Augsburg, Germany) - WINNER: BEST ADVENTURE FILM
  1. Golden Sparrow International Film Festival (Tamil Nadu, India) - WINNER: BEST FEATURE FILM ON NATURE /ENVIRONMENT / WILDLIFE
  1. Stockholm City Film Festival - WINNER: BEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY
  1. Tagore International Film Festival (Bolpur, West Bengal) - WINNER: BEST TRAVEL FILM (ANY LENGTH)
  1. Virgin Spring Cinefest (Kolkata, India) - WINNER SILVER AWARD: BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM
  1. Druk International Film Festival (Paro, Bhutan) - WINNER: BEST TRAVEL FILM
  1. Silk Road Film Awards (Cannes, France) - WINNER: BEST ADVENTURE FILM
  1. White Unicorn International Film Festival (Kolkata, India) - WINNER: BEST TRAVEL FILM (ANY LENGTH)
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