The cleaner

The cleaner

A man caught between the living and the dead.

-“Allo ? Are you The Cleaner ? Please, a businessman murdered his daughter. There is blood everywhere, even on the ceiling of her room. We need your help…”
-“OK, text me the address. I’m on my way…”

Donovan turns off his phone, takes a final drag on his cigarette and guns his car into the city.

One ordinary citizen keeps his family out of poverty by cleaning up bloody crime scenes across Mexico City.
This innovative feature, mixing documentary, surreal animations and a Mariachi chorus centres around Donovan Tavera and his struggle to continue his bloody work whilst keeping not only his wife and daughter together but also his mind.
The film brings many of the haunting dead clients of Donovan back to cinematic life and thus denounces the terrible violence raging in Mexico.
It thereby reveals the extraordinary balancing act between life and death needed to survive in modern Mexico.


Partner(s) : France Télévisions, Native Voice Films, CNC, Creative Europe Media, Procirep-Ango

Broadcaster(s) : France 2

Director(s) : Phil Cox

Author(s) : Phil Cox

Year : 2020

Duration : 4K - 52' & 62' minutes