Streetosphere – Martinique

Streetosphere – Martinique

Tanguy Malibert and Quentin Largouet continue their exploration of urban art. Rich in encounters, exchanges and discoveries, as much human, urban as artistic, each episode is a walk, a guided tour out of the ordinary, during which a subjective portrait of a metropolis and the atmosphere that characterizes it is gradually drawn. An intuitive and sensory vision, multiple, which challenges and finally seizes, a modern and atypical image of the urban space.Several artists seek to beautify Martinique, offering the public their works in the open air. The Mada Paint collective changes our view of wrecks and lifeless walls. Claude Cauquil and Michaël would define themselves as muralist painters. Finally, Hervé Beuze makes sure that the material, by meeting an idea, creates something magical.


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Partner(s) : Voyage - TV5Monde

Broadcaster(s) : Voyage - TV5Monde - Sky ART - ARTV

Director(s) : Tanguy Malibert et Quentin Largouët

Author(s) : Tanguy Malibert et Quentin Largouët

Year : 2013

Duration : 26 minutes