Streetosphere – Bristol

Streetosphere – Bristol

Tanguy Malibert and Quentin Largouet continue their exploration of urban art. Rich in encounters, exchanges and discoveries, as much human, urban as artistic, each episode is a walk, a guided tour out of the ordinary, during which a subjective portrait of a metropolis and the atmosphere that characterizes it is gradually drawn. In Bristol, Nick Walker gives us the keys and motivations of the profession of urban artist, but also the history of his art. On the other hand, Steve Wheen brings joy by filling holes in the ground of small gardens. As for Filthy Luker, he presents unusual sculptures that observe us.

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Partner(s) : Voyage - TV5Monde

Broadcaster(s) : Voyage - TV5Monde - Sky ART - ARTV

Director(s) : Tanguy Malibert et Quentin Largouët

Author(s) : Tanguy Malibert et Quentin Largouët

Year : 2013

Duration : 26 minutes