A series by the award-winning producers On The Spot

The past few decades’ developments in technology and telecommunications are moving the world forward at an astonishing pace – in a certain sense.
In the history of mankind we have never been connected to so many people as now while we never spent as little time face to face with each other as we do nowadays.
The 9th season of On the Spot discovers the effects of mobile coverage, wifi and smartphones of human communities from New York to Transylvania.

  • The Vedda Tribe
    The first mobile phones just popped up in the rain forest of Sri Lanka where the ascendents of the Vedda tribe have lived for thousands of years. The chief is strongly against the telecommunication boom and sees mobiles as the gadgets of the evil.
  • Tech Monks
    Can the young buddhist monks meditate if they are constantly on Instagram? An exclusive meeting with His Holiness the Dalai Lama who has been financially supporting a dictionary application to conserve Tibetan culture for the future.
  • The Slum
    How does smart technology change the way of life and way of thinking in one of the biggest slums in the world? An intimate portrait of two women and their families living in Dharavi, home to a million poor people, surrounded by Mumbai’s boosting financial district’s skyscrapers.
  • Digital Detox in the Maldives
    Two islands on the Indian Ocean, just 600 meters apart. Soneva Fushi is one of the most expensive private island resorts in the world where superstars and aristocrats pay a fortune for a digital detox. Across the water on the local island Maldivians changed their fishing net to the internet in just a decade, spending 12-14 hours on their smartphones every day.
  • Electrosensitives
    Three American women who lost everything due to being sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. In cities like New York they lost their jobs, their homes, their families and social status. They had no choice but leaving everything behind. After years of suffering and isolation in the woods and in trailers, eventually they found Green Bank, a sleepy little town in West Virginia. It is one of the very few places in the US where electrosensitive people can live without symptoms. Here there is no mobile phone network or WIFI due to the world’s largest fully steerable telescope which needs the National Radio Quiet Zone around it to be able to operate properly… More and more electrosensitive people escape here, however, locals don’t welcome them with open arms…
  • Safe Technology?
    Canadian researcher Magda Havas Phd. has been alarming Canadian society about the health risks of electromagnetic radiation (EMF). Meanwhile ex-president of Microsoft Canada started an NGO ‘Canadians for Safe Technology’ to raise awareness about how to use smartphones, wifi-routers and gadgets in a safe way, not exposing our bodies to too much radiation. His wife has also become electrosensitive – this is the first time this wealthy and respected family of the Canadian high society shares their personal story with the public.
  • Radiation and Internet Addiction
    We join EMF scientist Mr. Gyorgy Thuroczy of WHO at the Congress of Electromagnetic Radiation who is very skeptical about the work of researchers like Magda Havas.
    Mr. Thuroczy states that the EMF of our gadgets are far below the health limits and there is no hard scientific evidence that it might cause brain cancer. Still, he also urges the public to limit our body’s exposure to EMF as research is still underway with indicators that it might have potential carcinogenic effects.
    In the second part of this episode we explore internet addiction with the #1 American psychologist on the issue, Dr. Kimberly Young who first wrote down the phrase ‘internet addiction’. She gives an insight into this more alarming issue around the globe.

How did the filmmakers get to the Dalai Lama ? How did they communicate with the Vedda tribe in the jungle ? How did they get their way around in the National Radio Quite Zone where there is no wifi and no phone network at all ?

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Partner(s) : SUNDANCE TV, MTV Hungary

Broadcaster(s) : SUNDANCE TV, MTV Hungary

Director(s) : Eszter Cseke & Andras S. Takacs

Author(s) : Eszter Cseke & Andras S. Takacs

Year : 2018

Duration : 8x52' minutes