The story of fine fashion – Roman elegance – Episode 1

The story of fine fashion – Roman elegance – Episode 1

During Antiquity, the cult of well-being and beauty is essentialand. Anything goes in attaining it: corrosive tincture made from goat grease and sulphur for women who dream to be blond; for men, epilation was followed by long hair and curling tongs; and of course there was the famous baths.
Through the six centuries of Rome’s greatness, the main fashion remained a unisex gown. But the draping of a toga was an art onto itself, which had to be mastered and which said much about the person wearing the gown… Then, with conquests and trade development, Roman fashion took on the influences of the Orient, China, Germany and Gaul.

Partner(s) : Angus films - Arte France

Broadcaster(s) : Arte - Planête - RTBF

Director(s) : Philippe Allante

Author(s) : Florence Müller, Philippe Allante

Year : 2007

Duration : 52 minutes

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