Neil Young, the Grounds of Wrath

Neil Young, the Grounds of Wrath

Portrait of a rock’n’roll hero

A taciturn hero of American music, a singer with a unique voice, a sixties icon selling tens of millions of records, Neil Young, born in Toronto, Canada, belongs to the club of rock’n’roll giants. A prolific writer, his talent and pen are often compared to those of his alter ego Bob Dylan.
Country, blues, and folk are the heart of the work of the man who claims like a mantra, that rock’n’roll will never die.
A citizen of the world and a militant activist, the septuagenarian rocker is engaged in every battles. Whether political, ecological or pacifist
The tireless rocker has turned his indignation into songs, his anger into unifying anthems!
More than fifty years after his debut, for Neil Young, the fight goes on…

Partner(s) : ARTE

Broadcaster(s) : ARTE

Director(s) : Thomas Boujut

Year : 2021

Duration : 52 minutes