Happy France – 2nd Series

Happy France – 2nd Series

A surprising tour of France, in which Philippe Gougler, our guide, gives us a rendez-vous with charismatic, offbeat, surprising and happy characters! This collection of 5 x 52 minutes goes to meet French people who have managed to create their own universe and find happiness in all its forms, however unusual they may be: a water musician, a giant vegetable farmer, an osteopath for animals, a troupe of bubblers… With humor and tenderness, Philippe Gougler takes us gently into the universe full of fantasy and poetry of these characters. The accents, the customs, the expressions, the very approach of the existence and the relationship with the others form a colorful palette. At a time when uniformity seems to be the law, we meet people who sparkle with originality and who, in their own way, keep our roots, our lands, our regions alive and fresh.

Partner(s) : MFP

Broadcaster(s) : Planète + Thalassa, Planète +

Director(s) : Laurent Sbasnik, William Japhet, Yann Staderoli, Nicolas Boero & Denis Chaloyard

Author(s) : Philippe Gougler

Year : 2013

Duration : 5 x 52 minutes

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