Four Seasons in the giant Panda’s kingdom

Four Seasons in the giant Panda’s kingdom

Two films, over the course of the seasons, to discover the impassive and mysterious giant panda,
in the heart of its natural environment.

This series, filmed over 4 years, invites us to share the daily life of 2 Panda families.
We follow the life of these wild animals from birth to adulthood.
From up close, the black and white ursid reveals itself as never before in its most intimate form.

The images we have shot were taken in a great Panda sanctuary, far in the remote mountains of Central China: from an area where they are being rehabilitated to live in the wild, to a place where there is no human presence at all. It is thanks to these different zones of shooting and a daily presence on the ground that we have been able to obtain absolutely striking images: the birth of baby pandas, or males fighting for reproduction.
The exceptional duration of the filming have allowed us to film behaviors never observed before: such as a mother panda teaching her baby to climb trees.
The filming set up is unprecedented and has delivered exceptional footage

Partner(s) : Ushuaïa TV, Télé Quebec, CICC, China Aviation Pictures

Broadcaster(s) : Ushuaïa TV, Télé Quebec, RTVE, C+ Poland

Director(s) : Philippe Molins

Author(s) : Philippe Molins

Year : 2022

Duration : 2x52' / 3x52' minutes

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