Fighting Malaria

Fighting Malaria

At the time of COVID19, the African continent, ravaged by malaria, continues to fight the virus.

Malaria is a disease that causes more than 400,000 deaths per year, 92% of which are in Africa.
While there has been significant progress over the past 20 years, the virus continues to kill, mostly children and women. On the continent, teams of scientists, NGOs, artists and international organizations are working together. Coordinating their efforts by combining research, treatment, testing, prevention and education, these players are all working towards the same goal: to overcome the infection.
The film sets out to meet the men and women who are committed to fighting one of the first causes of death in Africa.


Partner(s) : Canal+ International

Broadcaster(s) : Canal+ International

Director(s) : Clément Alline

Author(s) : Michel Welterlin

Year : 2021

Duration : 52' minutes