Who does France belongs to ? – Collection

Who does France belongs to ? – Collection

Each episode is a photograph of a region through 7 subjects corresponding to 7 types of owners, why they have been there, for how long, what they have been doing there, how they arrived there, what additional colours, by their personality, by their journey, give them, to the soils they have appropriated… Through their identity, we can learn about the geography, history, economy, activity, the function of the soil that belongs to them, and discover a France in perpetual transformation, between tradition and modernity.

Partner(s) : Wapiti Productions, CNC, Planete+

Broadcaster(s) : Planete +

Director(s) : William Japhet, Jérôme Scemla, Alex Badin, Charles-Antoine de Rouvre, Benoît Ségur, Yann Staderoli, Laurent Sbasnik

Author(s) : Renaud de Saint Mars

Year : 2014

Duration : 3x70 minutes

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