Armenia(s), age of the artists

Armenia(s), age of the artists

Today there is an Armenian artistic world in France and in the world that expresses itself, reflects on its identity, its history, but always with this concern to be, at the same time, deeply rooted in the culture of adoption.

To testify to this cultural richness, this documentary film aims to tell the story of this link and its transmission, by highlighting the creative force of artists of Armenian origin through the generations.

The subject of the film is therefore this: to make the portrait of these artists who agreed to tell their story and what had brought them to artistic creation. As well as their children, who have become artists in their turn, and who have spoken of what has transmitted Armenian culture through art.


Robert Guédiguian and Ariane Ascaride and their daughter Mado with the Armenian dance.
Serge Avédikian and his two sons, Tigrane and Hovnatan, director and actor
Simon Abkarian and his wife Catherine Schaub and their son Djivan, musician
Macha Gharibian, pianist and her father Dan, from the group Bratch/Papers of Armenia
Atom Égoyan and Arsinée Khandjian
Claude Tchamitchian, double bass player

And finally, in an exceptional way, the presence of the great filmmaker Artavazd Pelechian.

Partner(s) : Rappi Production

Broadcaster(s) : TV5 Monde

Director(s) : David Vital Durand

Author(s) : Anahit Dasseux Ter Mesropian

Year : 2019

Duration : 52 minutes